Blasting Citizen Advisory Committee


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • 3rd Thursday of the month
  • Community Development Conference Room



Meeting Minutes



Name  At-Large Term Appt. Date Exp. Date
Robert Barea Sunset Lakes 2 yrs 03/08/17 04/19
Vacant Sunset Falls 2 yrs    
John Tobon  Riviera Isles 2 yrs 03/08/17 04/19
Vacant Huntington 2 yrs    
Patricia Lara Nautica 2 yrs 03/08/17 04/19
Dorothy Brown Alfaro Country Club Ranches 2 yrs 03/08/17 04/19
Fernando Ache
Miramar Resident 2 yrs 01/16/19 04/21
Francelene Hernandez Miramar Resident 2 yrs 01/16/19 04/21
Annette Wellington Miramar Business Owner 2 yrs 01/16/19 04/21
Charles Webster
Ex-Officio Member
School Board Rep            


The purpose of the Blasting Citizen Advisory Committee is to facilitate communication between the City and residents of the City of Miramar who are impacted by construction materials mining in northwest Miami-Dade County, and to provide a forum for residents to provide information and recommendations to the City Commission.