Traffic Light Boxes Mural Contest

2022 Mural Theme - Sustainability

Project Timeline

July 27 - Call for Artists Posted - Click here to submit entries to the Traffic Box Mural Contest
August 13 - Submission Deadline
August 19 - Art Selection
Fabrication and Installation - Sept 2022

The City of Miramar will wrap digital versions of artworks on 32 traffic signal boxes throughout the City. The goal is to add an aesthetically pleasing element to transform a traffic signal box into a piece of art with a Sustainability theme.

Artist Stipend 

The City of Miramar will pay $200 for each original artwork selected. 


The images submitted must reflect the theme of Sustainability. Things like Netzero, Going Green, Recycling, Conservation, Solar Energy, Anti-Litter and Clean Energy.

Submitted Artwork must be able to be distinguishable from a distance. No logos or words are to be used in the design. These boxes belong to Broward County and The Florida Department of Transportation and designs that promote or encourage the use of the following shall be prohibited: 

  • Tobacco: Images associated with or which may be associated with cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco and other tobacco products. 
  • Alcohol: Images associated with or which may be associated with alcoholic beverages including, but not limited to, beer, wine and distilled spirits. 
  • Human Reproduction/Sexuality products and Services: Images associated with or which may be associated with products or services related to human reproduction, sexuality, or sexual stimulation, including but not limited to contraceptive products or services, or other products or services related to sexual hygiene and counseling with regards to pregnancy, abortion, or other sexual matters or entertainment directed to sexual stimulation. 

  • Demeaning or disparaging words: Images containing words that demean or disparage an individual or group of individuals on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, gender, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, age, disability, ethnicity or sexual orientation. 
  • Profanity: Images containing profane language. 
  • Firearms: Images containing an image or depiction of firearm. 
  • Violence: Images containing an image or description of graphic violence or the depiction of weapons or other implements or devices associated with an act(s) of violence or harm to a person or animal. 
  • Unlawful goods or services: Images which promote or encourage or appear to promote or encourage, unlawful, illegal behavior or activities. 
  • Obscenity or Nudity: Images which contain obscene material or imply or appear to imply, or promote or appear to promote nudity. For purposes of these guidelines, “obscene” and “nudity” shall have the meanings contained in the Florida Statutes, as may be amended form time to time. 
  • Adult” oriented goods or services: Images which promote or encourage, or appear to promote or encourage, adult book stores, nude dance clubs, and other adult entertainment establishments, adult telephone services, adult internet sites and escort services. 
  • Potential Danger: Images which contain the word “stop,” “drive,” “danger,” or any other word, phrase, symbol, lighting, or any other devices or any other components thereof, or character likely to interfere with or mislead pedestrian or vehicular traffic. 


The City will contract with a vinyl wrap company to install the artwork 

Submission Requirements 

This call is open to all beginning, emerging and accomplished artists 18 years or older. Experience in vinyl wraps or public art is NOT necessary. Artists skilled in any arts medium (to include but not limited to painting, drawing, photography, graphic design, digital, etc…) are encouraged to apply. Artwork must be unique, original and created by the artist. Artists shall comply with all applicable rules, ordinances, codes, statutes, laws and regulations. 

Artists will be required to sign an “Agreement for Provision of Art to Be Used on Traffic Boxes” for their designs, if selected. 

The City may select multiple designs from each artist. Chosen designs can be placed at more than one location. Artists may submit no more than ten (10) images with a minimum resolution of 360 DPI. The images submitted are the works of art the artist is proposing for the wraps. Once images are selected, the artists will work with City Staff and Vendor for final placement on traffic box. 

Click here to submit entries to the Traffic Box Mural Contest

Artist Selection Process 

The selection process is managed by the City of Miramar. The City will create a Panel that will serve as the selection committee. The Panel will recommend the selected artist/artwork. City Staff will have final approval of the selected artist, artwork and location of artwork. Contact the City of Miramar Marketing Department for all questions and information. 

Other Selection Issues 

1. Conflict of Interests: Artists with immediate family or business partners on the Panel or program staff are not eligible to apply. A selection committee member may choose to withdraw from discussion and voting for any apparent conflict of interest. 

2. Artist Review Panel Contacts: Artist applicants should not contact the Panel between the release of the Call to Artists and the completion of the selection process. Contact the City of Miramar for all questions and information. 

3. The City of Miramar is a municipal corporation governed by the laws of the State of Florida. As such, the provisions set forth in the agreement between the Artist and the City are required by either Florida Law or the City’s Code of Ordinances and must be followed accordingly. By submitting a response to the proposal the Artist agrees to the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement with the City o fMiramar. 


Contact: Lorna Walker, Marketing Director
Phone: 954.602.3140