Miramar ON TAP

Introducing Miramar ON TAP - The city's source for high-quality, safe, and reliable tap water. The water is produced at the city's water treatment plants and is currently bottled as part of a pilot program. 

Miramar ON TAP increases the awareness of the city's quality of water and elevates our customers experience.

City Commissioner Yvette Colbourne stated, “We have developed a premium bottled water brand that offers an exceptional drinking experience. What sets Miramar’s bottled water apart is its unwavering commitment to safety and convenience. Residents can enjoy our tap water with complete peace of mind knowing that every drop meets the highest safety standards.”

Photo of person by bottled waters

Photo caption: Commissioner of Miramar, Yvette Colbourne stands in the warehouse with cases of Miramar bottled tap water, “Miramar on Tap”.

image of a water bottle“Miramar ON TAP” bottled water is provided to adult, senior and child day care facilities and at City events for free.

Picture this: a freshly chilled bottle of water, carefully crafted and sealed with passion and dedication. Each sip taken from this bottle holds within it the essence of our water utility's commitment to excellence. It symbolizes our unwavering dedication to delivering the very best to our customers.