Historic Miramar Beautification Program

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Contest Rules and Regulations

  • Submit up to 10 photos with a completed application. Photos of your current improvements must be visible upon inspection. City staff may inspect the home for additional photographs.
  • Submitted applications will be reviewed by City staff to ensure that it is complete, and the property qualifies for the contest. 
  • Deadline for all submissions is March 28, 2024. All applications must be submitted online. Application and/or photos received after the deadline and incomplete submittals will not be considered.
  • Judging will be performed by the Historic Miramar Advisory Board and City staff on the following components:
    • Design and Function
      • Overall design, use of different textures, balance, and overall function of the landscape in correlation to the use of the property.
    • Maintenance
      • The overall view of the property’s maintenance. Are planting areas kept weed free, edged, and mulched? Are the façades clean and free of staining? Is hardscape free of debris, and kept in good condition? 
    • Use of Hardscapes
      • This section judges the use of non-living additions to finish a landscape, such as fountains, ponds, statues, deck, mulch, stones, art, etc. 

  • All decision(s) of the Historic Miramar Advisory Board and the City shall be final. Awards will be presented at a City Commission meeting by Vice Mayor Alexandra P. Davis.

Phase 1

  • All Single Family Homes in Historic Miramar - University Drive East to Florida Turnpike and Pembroke Road South to Countyline Road (Cedar Villas at Miramar, Miramar Tropical Homes, Miramar Park Group, and Fairway Park).
  • The project must improve the general appearance of the home.
  • Must be in a publicly visible space.
  • Up to 10 photos can be included with the contest entry form below.



Deadline to Submit Entries

March 28, 2024

Submit your entry today! 

Complete the form below.

For more information and assistance with applying, call 954-602-3260 / 3264.

Historic Miramar Beautification Program

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