Recycling in Miramar


To avoid interruption with your curbside recycling collection service, the following rules should apply:

  • Place recyclable bins/carts within 5 feet of the street by 7 a.m. on the scheduled pick up day.
  • All recyclable items should be commingled in the recycle bin/cart. All corrugated cardboard should be broken down or folded to maximize available space.
  • Newspapers should be placed in a paper bag or tied to prevent windblown litter and contamination; and then put in the recycle bin/cart.
  • Do not put any items in the recycle bin/cart that are not specified as part of the recycling program, otherwise the bin/cart will not be collected.

Missed Pickups

If you experience a “missed pick-up” on your collection day, or have any questions please contact Waste Pro at 954-967-4200 or reach Customer Service via . Please include name, address, phone number and nature of your call.

Additional Information

RecycleRight_Flyer_Page_1Please check the Collection Zones Map for your corresponding curbside recycling collection date. Residents, who have a recycle pick-up schedule in the 4th week of the month, please note this may not necessarily be the last week of the month since some months may contain 5 weeks. Please check your calendar to ensure the correct pick-up date.