Road Patrol

The Road Patrol Division is the largest in the Miramar Police Department’s organizational structure. Road Patrol is the foundation upon which the agency’s Community Oriented Policing Bureau is built. The other principle components of the Community Oriented Policing Bureau are the Community Resource Unit, Community Service Aides, and Code Compliance Division.


The Road Patrol Division is responsible for the delivery of professional police services to include emergency and non-emergency calls for service, preventive and directed patrol activities, preliminary criminal investigations and development of partnerships with the community it serves. Officers assigned to the Road Patrol Division are encouraged to engage the community in a wide variety of innovative problem-solving strategies. The primary objective of the Road Patrol Division includes:
  • Focus on resolving the underlying problems that often are the prelude to criminal activity
  • Improve the quality of service provided to the public and other agency divisions through team building and partnerships
  • Increase the sense of safety and reduce the fear of crime in the city through effective patrol techniques and proactive problem-solving models
  • Maintain an acceptable level of response time to emergency and non-emergency calls for service
  • Reduction of criminal activity through high-visibility patrol