Utilities Department

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The Utilities operation is an essential government service recognized as a business enterprise.  Unlike other departmental operations, this department's operational functions are directly funded by user fee revenues based on the provisions of water and wastewater services.  It is managed like an enterprise fund and its return on revenue assets allows the City to fulfill a primary function in providing cost effective and environmentally sound water treatment, wastewater treatment and disposal services.  The provision of these services,  requires meeting regulatory rules and regulations in order to protect public health, the welfare of our citizens and customers of the City of Miramar.  It is the goal of this Department to provide our residents, customers and the business community with clean, safe and sustainable potable water and continuous wastewater disposal  services.

Mission Statement

To provide the City's residents and businesses with safe drinking water, wastewater treatment and disposal services in compliance with federal, state and local agencies' rules and regulations. 

Our Objectives

To provide planning, supervision, coordination and oversight of the day-to-day operations and the completion goals and objectives established for:

  • East Water Treatment Plant
  • Electrical Instrumentation and Control
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Water Accountability
  • Water Transmission & Distribution Maintenance
  • Water and Wastewater Quality Control
  • Wastewater Collection Maintenance
  • West Water Treatment Plant

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