How does this affect our freedom?

We value your freedom and want you to be around to enjoy it! Remember, you are permitted to leave your home for essential work and errands.  You may also leave to exercise and go on walks—as long as you are practicing social distancing guidelines.  The restrictions are only to slow down the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and save lives in our community.

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1. Why are we required to wear a mask?
2. Is this really a pandemic?
3. Can City Government determine how I dress?
4. How does this affect our freedom?
5. What if I don’t have a mask or can’t find one?
6. How do I make a cloth covering?
7. Do I have to wear this every time I am in public?
8. What happens if someone comes from another City to Miramar?
9. How will this be enforced?
10. Do vitamins protect me?
11. Will I be able to cover my face and go to the bank?